The Marnie Method Memorization Tool -
  1. Copy and paste or type your text into the main box below. You may add a notation to the small box left of the word "Reference".

2. Click submit.

3. The tool will format your text into consistent lines and give you two tools:
  • Go through the online "hide a word" process, repeating the passage from start to finish, with less prompts each time, until you are down to zero prompts.
  • Next, copy and paste the original text and the acronym-version into your Notepad (Use "Notepad" instead of a Word.doc, as Word adds coding that messes up the formatting. Notepad is clean and can be found:
    Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Notepad.)

4. Print out the cheat sheet (verse and acronyms), fold the paper in half (verse on front, acronym on back) and cut away the excess paper to create a pocket quote card.

5. Carry this around, practicing the acronym until you've got it down.

6. As soon as possible, quote the passage without any prompts, checking for accuracy using the full verse rendition.

7. Retain your "cheat sheet" or quote card for future reference. I have hundreds of these around my home, offices and car.

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