Godly Wealth
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The Bible, Wealth & You
Andy Robbins is a pastor and the author of several books including, The Pillars of Prosperity. [Download MP3] During this hour you'll discover:
  • That money is a neutral force and why this matters to you.
  • Biblical examples of the times when God approves and disapproves of wealth-building activities and how they differ.
  • How God defines poverty, true wealth and prosperity.
  • How to claim your promises without greed, guilt or God's judgment and more.
Money, the Bible & Quantum Physics
Dr. Nick Castellano is the author of Awaken the Sleeper, the marriage of Bible and sciencific evidence that your faith (expectations) actually change your reality. [Download MP3] During this hour Nick will explain:
  • How to bring your requests to God on His terms.
  • Why it is important for you to take positive action NOW!
  • Why every Christian needs to understand the placebo effect.
  • The power of resonance and how to test your desires.
Faith, Generosity & God's Provision
Pastor Brian Kluth is an inspirational speaker, popular TV-Radio-Media guest, and the author of several bestselling books including Experience God as Your Provider: Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times. [Download MP3] He joins us to share:
  • How to Overcome Your Financial Fears and Worries Thru Faith
  • 10 Ways God is Bigger than a Paycheck or Bank Account
  • Biblical Keys to Financial Stability in Unstable Times
Enjoy Scripture Worship with Marnie
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Resources by Our Guests

The Pillars of Prosperity. Andy Robbins. Accomplish more with less and soar to higher heights as you consciously position yourself to be propelled by God Himself. The Life God Honors. Andy Robbins. God highly values and blesses your partnership in your day-to-day journey of character transformation from here to heaven..
Experience God As Your Provider. Brian Kluth. Find financial stability in unstable times as you build your finances and life on the solid Rock of God's Word. 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life. Brian Kluth. Learn your role as trustee, manager and steward of 100% of what God entrusts to you during your lifetime.
Awaken the Sleeper. Dr. Nick Castellano. Relating science to the Bible, this book will show you how to create the life you desire instead of life just happening to you. Feeling Loved. Marnie Swedberg. Learn how to connect meaningfully with God in the minutes you have using your unique pathways to worship.

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